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How TTG connects its audience and has launched into travel niches

Travel Trade Gazette was launched in 1953 as a weekly newspaper for travel agents. And perhaps surprisingly, given the growth of online travel, the print edition is still valued by its audience and supported by advertisers.

Six years ago, then editor Daniel Pearce bought out TTG from media conglomerate UBM. The new indie publishing business, TTG Media, set about relaunching the website and reinvigorating its events. And in the last six years, revenues have doubled.

When we spoke to Daniel, he emphasised the importance of focussing on niches within the travel trade, and then designing events that solve problems for them. For example, the TTG New To Cruise Festival which provides travel agents who have never sold cruises with the information and skills to be successful. TTG has also been a champion of the LGBT+ community in travel, launching conferences to promote diversity in the industry. And they have launched a string of events in the luxury travel sector, building on their success of the quarterly ttgluxury magazine.

Daniel is a strong believer in talking to customers, and recently invested significantly in research among travel agents, to ensure TTG products stay relevant.

The TTG site is free, but requires registration, and is moving towards personalising content.

Travel Trade Gazette’s team

At Making Publishing Pay, in February 2020, Daniel will share what he has learned in the last six years of growth for TTG Media:

  • How TTG have researched the needs of travel agents and kept their print edition relevant to readers
  • How TTG have grown advertising and sponsorship spend from travel suppliers across print, digital and events
  • How they have identified niches and new trends and launched events and publications
  • The value of online registrations and personalised marketing
  • What independent publishers need to do to attract talent and build a growth culture

Delegates will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions about the process and understand how they could apply a similar approach to their own media business.

Making Publishing Pay is a conference for independent publishing and media businesses that will inspire with stories of innovation and provide real-world practical tips on how to diversify revenues and build value within a media business.

See the full agenda here:

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