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Book clubs to popup parties and festivals – how to build a community from scratch

MarTech Alliance was founded by Carlos Doughty in 2016 as a community to better understand the marketing technology space – to make martech simple.  He has worked in marketing technology for 15 years, most recently at Euromoney, and believed there was an information gap.

Their flagship event is the #MarTechFest in London, now attracting 1250 senior enterprise marketers.  In 2020 this event is being launched in Sydney.  Carlos has designed it as an “anti-conference” with a more informal feel and internationally known speakers, such as Scott Brinker.

The MarTech Alliance also run a series of VIP dinners, breakfast meetups and popup parties, to connect and develop the marketing tech community. These mix between a paid delegate model with vendor sponsorship. Carlos is now transitioning the business to an ‘alliance’ membership model, providing brand side marketers tools and resources, exclusive content and access to a series of events to develop and manage their marketing technology strategy and roadmap.

Having built the community, Carlos is now experimenting with other services, from face to face and online training to consultancy, to practical tools for marketers, and even a marketing book club.

Carlos is speaking at Making Publishing Pay on 25 February 2020.  He will share more about his own journey and provide insights into:

  • How to start a community from scratch (without a magazine)
  • Building useful content across multiple formats
  • Creating interesting experiences to engage an audience
  • How to reinvent events as a more enjoyable experience
  • Moving towards membership, and enterprise customers
  • Launching an event in APAC

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Making Publishing Pay is a conference for independent publishing and media businesses that will inspire with stories of innovation and provide real-world practical tips on how to diversify revenues and build value within a media business.

See the full agenda here:

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