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2019 Sessions

The 2019 edition of Making Publishing Pay took place during International Confex 2019 at Olympia London, and was hosted by Esther Kezia Thorpe, co-host of the Media Voices Podcast.



Building Resilience & Growing Revenue Through Diversification

PAUL FRANKLIN  –  Dennis Publishing

In the quest for revenues, publishers are looking beyond advertising and cover price income.
Paul covered Dennis’ diversification away from traditional display revenues, and the journey to editorially-aligned demand generation.

How to join the reader revenue revolution

CAROLYN MORGAN  –  Speciall Media

Reader revenue is the new focus for many publishers as advertising rates fall. But how do you go about starting to charge for online content? Carolyn discussed examples of successful paid content strategies and provide a checklist of questions to answer.

How to make money from marketing services


Increasing noise in mainstream marketing channels has led advertisers to ask publishers for help in creating marketing content. How can publishers take advantage of this opportunity?

The publishers pot of gold

ED TRANTER  –  73 Media

How exhibitions can transform your business and build your print products at the same time.
Exhibitions can be daunting. The tenancy fees, the different elements involved, it’s not like running the classic publication add-on of a conference or an awards. This session covered the do’s, don’t and core principals of launching a successful and profitable exhibition from a publishing platform. Based on real experience, a practical guide to monetising your print and online community, to deliver real bottom line that can change your publishing business.

How to create high value data and intelligence products

STEPHEN FARISH  –  Red River Blue

While some media-owners battle to sell £100 subscriptions to news and journalism products , a single subscription to a B2B data or intelligence product can easily exceed £10,000 or more. But how do you identify and exploit the opportunity – and build the capability to deliver it? A guide to creating successful intelligence products, and some of the pitfalls to avoid.

Developing world-class learning programmes for your customers


Most training programmes fail to deliver long-term improvements in performance. With travel budgets under pressure, executives are looking for opportunities to learn that fit around their busy schedules and take advantage of best-in-class technologies. Yet completion rates for online-only learning are low, so what’s the answer? Discover how to transform your content into blended learning programmes that use a multi-channel approach to create social, engaging, personalised experiences for participants. Find out how one company took a successful B2B classroom executive education series and turned it into modular learning that could be delivered in multiple ways.

What is the future for print?

NEIL THACKRAY  –  AgriBriefing
PETER HOUSTON  –  Flipping Pages Media

Moderator:  CHRIS SUTCLIFFE  –  Media Voices

The trade media has painted print as a dying media since before the turn of the century, but it survives as a major revenue contributor. What is the future for the medium and what are publishers doing to thrive?